Pug Puppy Care that will keep your Dog Healthy and Happy

The pug originated in China centuries ago, and was considered a prized possession by many Chinese emperors. Because of this distinction, many pugs lived in the finest of residences, and some even had their own guards. The Dutch were responsible with the pug’s migration from China to Holland, and then to England, where the breed […]

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The Responsibilities Of Raising A Pug

The pug breed has been registered with the American Kennel Association since 1885, and are first known to come from China, where they were used as not only a companion, but as a guard-dog. Pugs are very particular when it comes to comfort. They do not like to be either too hot or too cold, […]

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Common Pug Dog Health Concerns

The Pug dog breed is one of today’s most popular breeds and anyone who is thinking about adding one to their family should become familiar with the specifics of pug dog health care.

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Pug Dog Health Care Tips

Pugs are quite popular today not only for their pleasing personality, but also for their loyal companionship. Although generally quite healthy, there are some pug dog health concerns that are specific to this breed of dog.

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