Potty Training Adult Pugs

Did you know that training an adult Pug is actually a shared effort between you, your family and the Pug? You might think that a full grown Pug who may have even been potty trained in the past can just as easily adjust to being in your home. This is not the case. It takes time and commitment for a Pug to get used to the way your home is run and to learn your home’s elimination schedule.

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Ticks and Pug Dogs

Each year as the warm spring weather approaches, Pug owners should be increasingly apprehensive about those blood-sucking, disease-carrying ticks, otherwise known as “Rhipicephalus Sanquineus”. This dangerous creature can infect man with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, cause paralysis, and can even kill Pugs and Pug puppies.

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Pug Potty Training With a Crate and Leash

Most Pugs lack the opportunity to roam a large backyard at will. They’re more likely to spend the day indoors while their family members are away at work and school. This can make sticking to a potty training schedule more difficult.

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Getting to Know Your Pug

The wrinkly face of the Pug is simply undeniable. This smaller dog was at one time the companion of Chinese Emperors during the Shang Dynasty. However, at that time, the Pug was called “Foo” or “Lo-Chiang-Sze.” Today, you can find Foo figurines, whichhave the same bulging eyes as that of the Pug. Soon, this breed […]

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