Pug Puppy


Pug Puppy Care that will keep your Dog Healthy and Happy

The pug originated in China centuries ago, and was considered a prized possession by many Chinese emperors. Because of this distinction, many pugs lived in the finest of residences, and some even had their own guards. The Dutch were responsible with the pug’s migration from China to Holland, and then to England, where the breed […]

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How to Find Free Pug Puppy

Whether you are looking for a free pug puppy or a free dachshund puppy, you have to be prepared to do a lot of looking because big name full breed dogs do not come cheap usually, let a lone free. This is not to say that you will never be able to find yourself a […]

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Free Puppy Adoption

While the best place to pick up a new puppy is always the pound because those pups are facing being put down, it is certainly not a free puppy adoption. There are fees involved with getting a puppy from the pound so you need to be prepared to have anywhere from fifty to one hundred […]

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How To Provide The Best Care For Pug Puppies

A good start is always important with anything, so if you are adopting a Pug, you want to start off by learning about providing the best care for Pug puppies.

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Basic Care For Pug Puppies

A Pug is a wonderful breed to adopt and learning how to care for Pug puppies is imperative before you bring a new puppy into your home.

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