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How to find the perfect dog trainer?

You love your dog and you have decided that you need a little professional help with training. Don’t worry all relationships need some support at one point or another. But with all the recommendations from family, friends and your local dog community, how do you find the RIGHT dog trainer? Who knows what they are […]

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How To Train Your Dog Like A Professional

Most of us who have owned a dog know how incredibly frustrating it can be to try and stop them from going in the house, chewing on the furniture or halting some other annoying behavior. In our inexperience we have all tried unsuccessful methods in an attempt to get our dogs to behave. Some of […]

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When dogs need therapy

The two dogs faced each other from across the sidewalk, like cowboys in a spaghetti western shootout. One was Milky, a 5-year-old fluffy white Coton de Tulear mix adopted by my fiance, Scott. The other was a comically fake stuffed dog on a leash handled by our trainer, Jamie Eaton of Spot On Training. It […]

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Legends of the Hidden Temple: Levitating Dog Leash

All Rights Reserved to Nickelodeon. No Copyright Infringement Intended. The Legend of the Levitating Dog Leash of Nostradamus – More great tips for raising a happy and healthy puppy! Leash Training a Puppy: How to Leash Train a Puppy or Dog Leash training a puppy is an important step in establishing your role as […]

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Wireless Fence Leader Havahart

Wireless Fence Leader Havahart® Wireless Announces a Dog Training Rebate Program Buy a Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Fence. Train your dog with a pro. Save up to $ 100! Lititz, PA (PRWEB) July 26, 2011 “A well-trained dog is a happy dog,” stated Kelly Howard, Category Development Associate for Havahart® Wireless parent company Woodstream Corp. “The […]

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Aggressive Dog Training With Daniel Stevens

 xml:lang=”en” lang=”en” xmlns=””> Aggressive Dog Training With Daniel Stevens Bishop, CA (PRWEB) November 3, 2006 Professional dog trainer Daniel Stevens now offers aggressive dog training online. His new program and website will guide you step-by-step on dealing with aggressive dogs. Dealing with dog aggression requires patience, persistence, and proper training. Dog owners worldwide are […]

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Dog Training Guide Receives Top 5-Star Rating From

 xml:lang=”en” lang=”en” xmlns=””> Dog Training Guide Receives Top 5-Star Rating From 2010 5-Star Award Overland Park, KS (Vocus) October 20, 2010 recently awarded their highest 5-star rating to Secrets to Dog Training, an industry leader in Dog Training guides. It’s estimated that there are over 60 million dog owners in the […]

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How To Pick The Best Dog Collar

First off you need to watch your pet’s behavior before deciding which style of dog collar to buy. 
 The dog collar market has a whole multitude of dog collars available, from the normal to the very specialized. Before you make a decision which type of collar to buy you need to know what each […]

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Dog Trick Training Tips : Myths About Dog Training Breeds

There many myths about what dog breeds can and cannot be taught dog tricks. Learn the truth about training different dog breeds with tips from a professional dog trainer in this free pet care vide. . .

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What’s The Best Dog Toy For Your Adult Dog?

As a professional dog trainer, people often ask me what dog toys I recommend they should buy and which ones I use for my own dogs. Here’s the answer: Your dog doesn’t need more than two toys. Rotate them, so he doesn’t get bored. But remember: We’re talking about an animal that eats the same […]

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