Puppy in Process of Being Adopted is Stolen

Posted on: 4:27 pm, January 17, 2013, by Kara Sutyak, updated on: 04:30pm, January 17, 2013 Stolen puppy CLEVELAND– A puppy in the process of being adopted was stolen from the Cleveland Animal Protective League. The APL says it happened Sunday, Jan. 12, around 4:30 p.m. The puppy, a black Lab mix, named Lucy, is […]

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How does the dog adoption process work?

Question by bruins682001: How does the dog adoption process work? My wife and I are thinking about adopting a dog, but I am not sure how the process works. We are kind of iffy about whether our apartment complex allows pets. There are people that have them and there is a part in our lease […]

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What Is The Process For Training My Dog To Become A Service Dog? What Sort Of Programs Are Available?

A Reader Asks… I foster strays and am interested in training them as service dogs. I would be interested in therapy, guide dog training, service dog training, or anything else along those lines. Does anyone know any resources?

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The Ins and Outs of The Yorkie Grooming Process

Cleaning and combing does not completely involve the brushing & combing of your canine friend it should include checking your canine’s ears, eyes, teeth, paws & their nails.

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Everything About Pet Adoption Process

There are many myths about the pet adoption.  Several myths about pet adoption is that the pet parent will get an animal with behavioural problems or temperament which does not suit the family.  There is also an animal shelter myth saying that animals in shelters are less valuable or intelligent that purebred animals. To eradicate […]

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