Preventing Heartworm in Your Pooch

Putting your pet’s vitality very high on your priority list is essential. It’s important to take come measures to be sure of the safety and well-being of our canines. This includes taking them to a animal doctor for visits at regular intervals and on time. By doing this, we will take preventive strides toward keeping […]

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Dog Training: Preventing Mischievous Habits and Promoting Great Ones

Dogs have a lot of loveable natural qualities, but they also have some not-so-cute behaviors. Digging is one of the latter, but it can persist as they bury bones, create impromptu shelters, and just feel the dirt between their paws. While it is a natural instinct in dogs, digging can be detrimental to your yard […]

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Preventing Dog Obesity

Just as obesity is a growing problem among humans, it is also a concern with dogs. In fact, between 25 and 40% of dogs are either obese or are on the path to obesity. This is a serious concern, as an overweight dog is more likely to experience health issues such as problems with breathing […]

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