Health Hazards for Your Pooch That You Didn’t Know

We all love our pets to death and there is not anything in the world that we would not do for them. They are the apple of the eye of everyone around the house and they are always adding a lot of fun and joy to our lives. However, there are a lot of things […]

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Unique Eco-Friendly Furniture For Your Pooch

Eco-friendly is becoming a top priority, including when it comes to beloved pooches. Dog beds can be sprayed with flame-retardant chemicals that contribute to air pollution and can cause health problems for both pets and humans, making eco-friendly about more than just the health of the planet. Making your own dog furniture can reduce waste by reusing […]

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How You Can Make Your Dog’s Coat Look Glorious

There is nothing quite as appealing as a pooch with a glorious mane, wouldn’t you agree? No matter if your floof ball is a mix-breed or a purebred, every dog can sport a shiny coat all year round with a few simple tricks and daily habits you can easily adopt. After all, who doesn’t want […]

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Of Pooches and Herbs: Knowing the Good from the Bad

If you’ve been into healthy, natural food as of late, you’ve probably learned to appreciate the benefits herbs provide. You might also be thinking of letting your pooch join you in your quest for holistic health. While you have the right intentions, you shouldn’t just assume that whatever is right for you is also good […]

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Laughs at Schwartzman’s portly ‘service’ pooch

Music execs leaving SXSW in Austin snickered at seeing actor Jason Schwartzman at the airport with his overweight French bulldog, Arrow, in tow wearing a “Service Dog” sign. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” star, who attended the festival to promote the new flick, was spotted at Austin Airport “wearing a Yankees hat boarding a flight with […]

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6 Signs You’re Spoiling Your Pooch

The relationship between an owner and his or her dog is precious, and while most owners strive to give their dog everything he or she needs and more, there are plenty of owners out there that take owning a dog to an entirely new level. Although you may love your pooch, they are still your […]

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Article: Dog Nail Clippers – How to Cut the Nails of Your Dog

Untrimmed nails make your beloved companion look unattractive. Not only that, it causes feet deformity and walking difficulty. As a general rule, if the nails of your pooch click against hard floors, they are too long. So time to brandish your dog nail clippers. Knowing how to cut the nails of your pooch is so […]

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Article: Five Great Tips for Playing Dog Games With More Than One Pooch

Dog games are a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon indoors with your dog because they provide both you and your pup with free fun and entertainment while offering numerous bonding opportunities as you help your dog to figure out how to solve the challenges you’ve given him or her. But what happens when […]

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X-small Dog Shirt “Born to Be Wild” Fits Dogs 3- 8 Lbs

Zack & Zoey Polyester/Cotton Born to be Wild Dog Tee, X-Small, Black : Pet Shirts : Pet Supplies

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Size M, Designer Dog Clothes, Preppy Pet Polo Shirt, College Blue Stripe, 100% Cotton

College Blue Stripe Dog Polo Shirt #14 – Large : Pet Supplies

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