Pomeranian Puppy Training – The Need For Tenderness

As you probably know already, a Pomeranian is a cute little dog with more fur than body. Their temperament is usually friendly but highly active. It is important to start Pomeranian puppy training as soon as you bring these little guys home. The breed is typically smart and will learn fast. Their miniature size also […]

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Dog Collar a new trend for your dogs

Each and every dog has to have a collar to include as piece of their attire and basic possessions! Collars are designed for displaying lovable collar jewelry in addition to the essentially significant Pet Identification Tag. Plus, it’s so easy to make a fashion statement with some of the wonderful selection of unique small dog […]

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AKC Standards For Pomeranians

The American Kennel Club establishes standards of various dog breeds, including the Pomeranian. Before the American Kennel Club recognizes a breed, the breed has to have certain characteristics, referred to as standards of the breed, that remain stable generation after generation. Breed standards serve several functions. A dog owner buying an American Kennel Club recognized breed of dog knows how big a puppy will be when it grows up. All puppies start out small, but a Pomeranian owner knows he or she will end up with a dog that weighs in at seven pounds or less. Breed standards also predict temperament, and the owner of a Pomeranian puppy knows the grown dog will be playful, energetic and extroverted.

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Pomeranian T-Shirts

(Hint: Move your mouse over the image to see the design view) Imperatrice Black Pomeranian Puppy Pomeranian Mom2 Pomeranian Mom. You are the proud Mom of your dog. This unique dog Mom design makes a great Pomeranian gift for dog Mothers. Pomeranian Flag USA! America! Shout your pride with this awesome flag Patriotic background with […]

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Pomeranian Breeding

Pomeranian puppies are one of the cutest sights that you will ever see, and it will be hard to resist snatching one of those tiny bundles of fur up and taking him home immediately. However, responsible dog ownership begins with responsible Pomeranian breeding. By taking your time to shop around and choose a breeder who raises healthy, happy Pomeranians, you will be much more likely to bring home a puppy that will become a welcome addition to your family.

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Training A Dog For Children

Unfortunately there are many unpleasant experiences with dogs and kids. Some kids don’t like dogs; some dogs don’t like kids; and sometimes the feeling is mutual. If you have kids and also want a dog, you may worry that they won’t be compatible which is why training a dog for children is key. Since the last thing you want is a bad-tempered dog that isn’t safe to be around kids, you might consider giving up the idea of obtaining a dog altogether.

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How To Alleviate The Pain Of Dog Bee Stings

If you have ever gotten a painful bee sting in the summer, your dog probably has too and it hurts just as much for him as it does for you! Here are some things you can do to alleviate the pain of dog bee stings.

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The Pomeranian Breeder And The Pet Store

There has been a growing demand for the Pomeranian breed in recent years, what with so many celebrities in Hollywood sporting their little bundles of fluff wherever they go. The Pomeranian is certainly one of the most elegant small breed dogs, but many people are not aware of their affectionate nature. A growing awareness of the desirability of the Pomeranian as a family pet has left many a respectable Pomeranian breeder in the dark as to how best to keep up with the onslaught of orders.

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5 Tips On How To Care For A Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is fun and exciting, but also comes with responsibilities. Your new friend is depending on you to help grow in to a healthy, happy dog so learning how to care for a puppy from day 1 is key. Here are 5 things you can do to help ensure the health, safety, and comfort of your new family member.

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My Dog Has Diarrhea! Now What Do I Do?

I know that when my dog has diarrhea, I am almost as miserable as she is. Thankfully, it doesnt happen often and can usually be traced back to some cause that I can hope to avoid in the future. Here are some of the major reasons for dog diarrhea:

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