Puppy Potty Training: Dangerous Diseases Outside

One of the major concerns about potty training a puppy to use the bathroom outside in the busy city is the possible spread of disease. Deadly distemper and parvo disease, as well as parasites, can be transferred via infected canine feces and bodily fluids. A puppy’s immature immune system leaves him open to all kinds […]

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Utilizing Resources to Help You Locate a Missing Pet

It’s one of the biggest fears of all pet owners; what do you do if you cannot find your pet? We expect to always know where our pets are but every year thousands of our furry friends go missing. Having your pet micro chipped with your information is one of the best ways pet owners […]

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Dealing With Pet Stains and Odors

Acting quickly is the key to successfully removing pet odors and stains. This is especially true when dealing with pet urine, which leaves behind a nasty and long-lasting odor, as well as a stain. If you take to cleaning up urine quickly, you should be able to completely remove it so it doesn’t leave a […]

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Star Legacy Poodle Pet Urn

Star Legacy Poodle Pet Urn Handcrafted Hand-painted Designed by award-winning artist, Stephen Canneto Made of high quality resin Resin base made and finished in USA Loads from bottom; secured with glue-on recessed cap (glue included) Ideal for home or columbarium display Due to personal nature of this product returns accepted for manufacturing defects or shipping […]

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A Happy Environment Translates to a Happy and Healthy Dog

In order for puppies and dogs to become happy and healthy members of the family, they need to be given love, respect, and care. Giving your dog the proper environment, the right food, the balanced amount of freedom, and the ideal amount of affectionate companionship are the most important factors in fostering a happy and […]

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Dogs Make me Smile

From a reader: Dear 3dogs, I am the owner of two miniature dachshunds who share my house and home. Many dog owners would rephrase that and instead call me the human who shares the house with the dogs. Dogs are indeed wonderful creatures. Recent experiences have made me reflect upon and notice things about dogs […]

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5 Health Care Tips For Your Goldendoodle

No doubt your Goldendoodle is one furry, loving, and adorable dog, and it doesn’t take long before they’re just another member of the family. We all love our pets and want to take care of them the best we can. Here’s 5 Health Care Tips for your Goldendoodle to make sure that they live a […]

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Spite? Or Separation Anxiety?

Dog owners, when they get together, like to brag and compare stories about their “totally awesome” dogs. They also like to relay horror stories about their “brats”, almost as if they want to win a battle of “my dog has done something far worse than your dog ever has”. It really is funny “human” behavior […]

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Humans and their pet dogs: Shared cancers, shared hope

In human medicine a gold standard of diagnosis and prognosis for numerous cancers has involved cytogenetic (linking the study of genetic inheritance with the study of cell structure) assessment of the tumor cells. Within the past few years scientists have demonstrated that characteristic cytogenetic changes associated with human cancers are shared in corresponding canine cancers. […]

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Stop the Pet Obesity Epidemic and Help Your Pet

Just like human obesity throughout the world, pet obesity is a growing epidemic that needs to be stopped in order for pets to live long and healthy lives. Obesity can lead to other health problems for pets including osteoarthritis, cancer, insulin resistance, and ligament injury. These health problems can even decrease a pet’s life expectancy […]

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