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Collars For Dogs

As man’s best friend, and a member of your family, finding the right neck collar and flea and tick control collar for your dog must be a top priority. It is imperative for all dog collars to be comfortable and fit properly.Your dogs collar should not be so tight as to cause coughing or restrict […]

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Saint Bernard Puppy Training Takes Patience

Saint Bernard puppy training will take a lot of patience from its new family. Although cute and cuddly with a large tongue and lots of fur, this pup has a very fast growth rate. He will be a bear of a puppy in no time at all. The Saint Bernard’s fast growth is a trait […]

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There Is No Such Thing As A Bad Dog…

When the owner terms the dog as bad, perhaps they should look at their own behavior. When you are taking a walk down a sidewalk, it is indeed disturbing when a dog grabs at your clean clothes. When your front yard turns into a ready made toilet for your next door neighbor’s dog, it can […]

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Pets suffering from faltering economy

Having a pet in the house is diffrent now then it was just a few years ago.Gone are the high profile people of the world walking in a LA pet shop and dropping $3000 on a teacup puppy. Do something like that now and suffer the ire of PETA. Even our new president is being […]

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Take Advantage Of The Pet Adoption Portals

For many people, finding an appropriate pet adoption portal is the only thing that stands in the way of them getting a new pet. They are the type of people who already want to get pets, love pets, want to get ready for caring for a pet if they aren’t already, and are only looking […]

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Free Dachshund Puppy

When it comes time to finally start to sit down and consider all of your different options when it comes to getting a new puppy for the home, you need to consider a wide variety of things. Besides the obvious of who is going to care for the puppy, there is the issue of whether […]

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Looking For The Perfect Free Puppy

There are so many reasons to bring a new puppy into the home that the list could go on and on forever. The thing is though, while the decision to pick up a free puppy may be an easy one, picking just the right one is much harder. Whether it is a free yorkie puppy […]

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Free Puppy Training Classes

Once you have found that perfect pet through free puppy adoption, you will want to begin right away with training it so that the transition into your home and lifestyle is an easy one. The best thing to do is to start grabbing up all of the books and magazines you can on free puppy […]

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Online Pet Supplies - Top 6 Benefits

Pet industry already crossed $40 billion mark and it has increased 20% over the past 5 years. This is the fastest growing industries in the USA. More than 80% of American people own at least one dog. Most of the dog owners take extra care of their dogs with pampering them with pet gifts, toys […]

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Halloween Costumes for Dogs

A Holiday for Man’s Best Friend Many people enjoy dressing up their loveable pooch, but have you ever thought that dressing up your dog for Halloween would become a very popular part of the holiday itself. Everywhere you look, you will find Halloween costumes for dogs – in the magazines you get, in the mail […]

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