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Signs Your Dog has Fleas

Every pet owner dreads talking about fleas. The hot months of summer become even more frustrating due to the attack of fleas on your pet. It annoys the pet as well as the pet owner and causes trouble to them both. If you are a first-time pet owner, you need to understand the problem is […]

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Article: Dog Car Ramps

Often as our pets age they face the same physical challenges we do. They find it more difficult to get into a vehicle, get up and down stairs, climb onto the bed or couch. The pet industry has recognized this problem and the need for a solution. This has resulted in an answer for the […]

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Show How Warmhearted You Are To Your Closest Friend With Double Dog Bowl Feeders

Feeding the pets with Elevated Double Dog Bowl feeders is a snap these days. Let’s face it; our lives are hectic, and sometimes the pet gets neglected a little. Using one of these automated devices is a way to make sure a beloved animal gets the food and water it needs, and when it needs […]

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Taking care of your dog with a busy lifestyle

Indulging a pet to give it the best is something that interests every pet owner and of late, this trend is greatly increasing. With this in mind, many new developments in the field of pet care have taken place and these developments aim to indulge your pets in a variety of ways. Although you may […]

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Interesting Tips For Potty Training Puppies Without A Crate

At around three weeks old, your puppy is readily able to adapt to new situations and because they are one of the smartest creatures by nature, potty training puppies will not be too difficult for anyone. When you're a new pet owner, you can make a choice about whether or not you want to confine […]

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Terriers: A Perfect Addition To Your Family

Terriers are a very loving and energetic breed that demand a great deal of attention from their family members. They love to make noise and most enjoy being a typical “lap dog.” Terrier training can be a bit difficult if you aren’t persistent, therefore you’ll need to be prepared to be firm and corrective with […]

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Pointers When It Comes To Dog Grooming

Unless you like the odor of a smelly pet or one with exceedingly long claws, dog grooming is something you are going to have to confront several times in the course of your dog’s life. A matted dog coat, and fleas can make a pet owner’s life miserable not to mention that it is unhealthy […]

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A Dog Responds Quicker And Easier Using Positive Reinforcment

A common mistake that many people make when training their dogs, whether house training, obedience training, or teaching them entertaining tricks, is using various forms of punishment when the animal doesn’t do what they want. Shouting at the dog, hitting it and even closing it away on its own for hours are too often forms […]

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Pets suffering from faltering economy

Having a pet in the house is diffrent now then it was just a few years ago.Gone are the high profile people of the world walking in a LA pet shop and dropping $3000 on a teacup puppy. Do something like that now and suffer the ire of PETA. Even our new president is being […]

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Andrew Lewis: Dog Food Secrets brought to you by Dog Care Secrets products

Dog Food Secrets Contents Overview The ebook Dog Food Secrets reveals many hidden facts in the dog food conspiracy relating to commercially prepared dog food. This book reveals that you may be decreasing the lifespan of your pet dog by feeding them commercial dog food. It is suggested that feeding home cooked dog food can […]

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