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5 Reasons Your Dog Needs a New Pet ID

It would be nice if all dogs were as “language ready” as Brian Griffin (the talking dog from the animated series Family Guy), or if the talking dog collars in the animated film Up were real (the iCollar? :)). Alas, although we would love to be as conversational with our dogs in the real world […]

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Article: Medical & Informative Pet Dog ID Tags

Article by Kate Halpin Pets are becoming more and more an integral part of the modern family life. In fact, in 1957, pet expenditure placed 49th in the weekly expenditure list in the UK. In 2007, this figure changed to 37th – placing it, surprisingly to some, ahead of cakes, cosmetics and holidays. These figures […]

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Q&A: what are some good female dog names?

Question by Nikki C: what are some good female dog names? I mihgt be getting a puppy pretty soon and i need a female name , i like unique names but not too popular names so any help would be great… thanks! Best answer: Answer by Danielle Amy personal favorites are princess, bell,bella,coco,marley,star,roxy,and if she […]

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What Should I Put On My Pet Dogs ID Tag

Article by Kate Halpin So you have brought your little bundle of joy home and he is settling in with the family nicely. You have got him his own little bowl, bed, lead & collar. The next most important task is to get him a Pet ID Tag. ‘I have had him chipped’ I hear […]

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Engraved Pet Id Tags Dog Cat Collar Identify Id Bone Tag

Engraved Pet Id Tags Pet dog Cat Collar Name Id Bone Tag Engraved Anodized Aluminum Pet Tags Personalize up to four lines, Greatest eighteen characters per line. 4 Colors to decide on 1 Engraved Anodized Aluminum Pet Tags Our tags are engraved (scribed) deep with a diamond tipped engraver. Truly engraved into the metal as […]

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