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Humans and their pet dogs: Shared cancers, shared hope

In human medicine a gold standard of diagnosis and prognosis for numerous cancers has involved cytogenetic (linking the study of genetic inheritance with the study of cell structure) assessment of the tumor cells. Within the past few years scientists have demonstrated that characteristic cytogenetic changes associated with human cancers are shared in corresponding canine cancers. […]

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Overweight Dogs Die Younger

This article is sponsored by: natural dog arthritis cures Being overweight shortens a dog’s life expectancy according to new research by the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition. Data on a range of popular dog breeds from across the USA showed that dogs that are overweight in middle age have a shorter life expectancy than ideal weight […]

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Garden allows dogs for first time

15 January 2013 Last updated at 10:40 ET By Chris Dearden BBC Wales News One of the best known gardens in Wales is allowing dogs inside for the first time. Bodnant Garden in the Conwy Valley has been in the hands of the National Trust since 1949. The 80-acre site has been open to the […]

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Article: Excellent Comfort for the Dog With Quality Dog Accessorie

Article by Robin Brain Dogs have become almost an integral part of life in average American household. According to the Pet Products Association of America, as many as 77.5 million dogs were found in U.S households alone. Have a look at the financial figure and it will seem even more staggering with around $ 45.6 […]

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Remote Pet dog Coaching Shock Collar for 1 Pet dog

Remote Dog Training Shock Collar for one Puppy six degree shock 1 amount vibration Adjustable strap from twelve to twenty inches lengthy Vehicle snooze feature to conserve battery life Will work with puppies from 15 to one hundred lbs pet dogs This generic pet dog coaching shock collar for one dog has 6 amounts of […]

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Dog Illnesses

All pet dogs should be treated as members of our family and adequate attention must be paid to the canine’s health. Sometimes dogs become sick but may not look so. It is very important to recognize and understand dog illnesses symptoms. Since prevention is a better cure, we must learn something about dog illnesses and […]

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Dog Toys: The Ultimate Entertainment For Your Dogs

One has to agree that pet dogs react to a lot of situations that their masters put them in. Their gestures and sounds quickly let you know that they are trying to communicate something. So it is true that dogs are smart enough to understand most of the things happening around them. They are a […]

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Plush Dog Toys – Keep Your Dog Busy And Happy

Toys are a form of amusement! It is no wonder that kids and children love to play with toys for fun and games and when it comes to pet dogs, you must have noticed pet dogs interacting with kids and thoroughly enjoying the fun and thrill of playing with toys; dogs learn to fetch balls […]

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Upscale Dog Beds – Thrill Your Companion With A Fun Present

We as American are obsessed with our pets; and the pampering of our pets has become a quite lucrative industry of late. There are thing to consider when deciding on purchasing a pet bed especially an upscale pet bed This article will walk you through the steps to make that decision as painless as possible. […]

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The Right Dog Care Helps Ensure Your Canine Friend’s Happiness And Good Health

The Right Dog Care Helps Ensure Your Canine Friend’s Happiness And Good Health Human beings and their dogs have been inseparable companions from way back in time and part of the reason for these close bonds between humans and their pet dogs is the love that dogs give so unconditionally to their human masters who […]

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