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Article: Choosing Designer Dog Beds

Traditionally, dogs were not provided beds, and were lucky to sleep on a pile of rags, if they were allowed in the house at all. In recent years. However, lately the trend has been for people to pamper their pets. Not only do their dogs have beds, they have deluxe, stylish designer dog beds to […]

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Midwest 40236 36-By-23-Inch Quiet Time Bolster Pet Bed, Fleece

Midwest 40236 36-By-23-Inch Quiet Time Bolster Pet Bed, Fleece Best pet bed for use in crates, carriers, doghouses, and cars Manufactured with ultra-gentle artificial sheepskin with cushioned cotton base and polyester-crammed bolsters Excellent for pets 41 to 71 pounds No assembly essential Entirely machine-washable Bed Color Conceals Shedding Totally Machine Washable Best for Use in […]

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Serta Memory Foam Rectangle Pet Bed

Serta Memory Foam Rectangle Pet Bed Greatest Prices These high quality Serta pet beds available nationally for up to six, now you can get yours for considerably much less! 1 of our pet buyers couldn’t believe his luck when he arrived across this deal. He snapped up the stock and we are supplying them to […]

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Upscale Dog Beds – Thrill Your Companion With A Fun Present

We as American are obsessed with our pets; and the pampering of our pets has become a quite lucrative industry of late. There are thing to consider when deciding on purchasing a pet bed especially an upscale pet bed This article will walk you through the steps to make that decision as painless as possible. […]

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Customized Dog Beds – An Great Treat For Your Family’s Pets That’s Both Classy And Applicable As Well As Thrifty.

There are many styles of Personalized Dog Beds on the market today, many of which compare to the beds that the people who own dogs sleep on. In a 2006 study it was estimated that we would spend 3.6 billion dollars on supplies such as bedding on our pets that sum of money also includes […]

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Shopping for the perfect Waterproof Pet Bed?

If you’re looking for that perfect pet bed then you probably want to see what other purchasers of the same beds have to say. Well checkout this brief overview of Waterproof Pet Beds.

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Dog Beds Today

Dogs sleep about 14 hours a day, so buying a comfy dog bed is important . Gone are the days when you were just basically buying a lump of pillow.  Does your dog like to curl up, or is he or she  more of a sprawler?Deep beds, bolster or high walls will make them feel […]

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Heated Dog Houses – Why Buy Heated Doghouse?

Dogs are quite sensitive to weather changes. Heated dog houses aren´t a luxury but a necessity especially if you want to keep your dog warm during winter months. Installing a heated dog house need not be expensive. The prices of heated doghouses will depend on the type of structure and the setup you prefer. Also, […]

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Heated Sleeper For Your Cherished Home Pet

Heated pet beds aren’t just an indulgence – they’re often a necessity, particularly for old dogs with sore joints or arthritis, whelping puppies or animals that are sleeping outside, in a basement or garage. There are three specific styles of electric pet beds. These are mats, insert warmers and complete, full-sized heated beds. To learn […]

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