Mandy is a beautiful little female Shepherd mix pup with a dazzling personality.

Mandy is a beautiful little female Shepherd mix pup with a dazzling personality. Mandy is a beautiful little female Shepherd mix pup with a dazzling personality. If something is going on, Mandy is right there checking it out. If nothing particularly interesting is happening, Mandy will make something interesting out of thin air. It’s hard […]

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Would my personality be good with elementary teaching?

by rkleine Question by peachykeen: Would my personality be good with elementary teaching? I am going to school for elementary education and have completed one year, but I am wondering if I would make a good teacher being a “golden retriever” personality (empathetic, people pleaser, laid back) and mostly an introvert. I can be outgoing […]

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Article: The Growing Popularity Of Unique Dog Collars

Article by Morris Kim In an age of designer labels, designer bags, and designer goods, can unique collars be far behind? Designer dog collars are a rage these days and it is more about the owners than about himself. Given a choice, no dog would want to wear a collar even if belonged to a […]

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Dog Beds – Tips On Selecting The Right One.

It’s such a pleasure seeing your dog enjoy a comfortable nap, isn’t it? Then is makes perfect sense why us dog lovers, take so much care when selecting the perfect dog bed for our much loved pets. Your pooch would just love a comfy place to call his own to curl up in and have […]

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See The Many Benefits Of Comfy Dog Collar For Your Family Doggie

Finding a collar to fit your small dog can be harder than you would imagine. Fortunately many of the top producers of dog collars are beginning to create special collars built for small dogs. There is a wide selection of materials and styles to choose from when selecting a collar for your small dog. It […]

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My – The Best Clothing For Your Dog, Engineered To Look Amazing And Be Affordable

It is pretty obvious nowadays that pets; especially dogs have become a very important part of everyone’s lives. Because of this reason, Dog Outdoor Wear was created! Not only do dogs, especially little ones need clothes to stay warm, but if you are trying to make a fashion statement, you really should look into some […]

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How To Train A Pomeranian Puppy

There are many different breeds of dogs, and each of the breeds has different personalities and different things that need to be considered when you starting the dog training and taking care of them. First of all, as a dog trainer, you have to be sure that when you care for a puppy you are […]

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A Guide To Understanding Bulldog Care

Bulldog care can take up much more of your time than you might believe, as these types of dogs need a lot of exercise and a lot of care on a daily basis. To be able to care for your bulldog properly you should know how much exercise, grooming, feeding and cleaning they need on […]

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Terriers: A Perfect Addition To Your Family

Terriers are a very loving and energetic breed that demand a great deal of attention from their family members. They love to make noise and most enjoy being a typical “lap dog.” Terrier training can be a bit difficult if you aren’t persistent, therefore you’ll need to be prepared to be firm and corrective with […]

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A Large Dog Bed For Your Large Breed Dog

If you own of a large breed of dog, for example a German shepherd, a Doberman or even a Great Dane it is important that you provide a comfortable place for your dog to sleep. Large breeds of dogs require large dog beds in order to rest comfortably. There should be adequate room in the […]

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