From One Kindhearted Friend To Another – The Elevated Double Dog Bowl

Our lives today tend to get a little hectic from time-to-time. Because of that, we may find ourselves getting stressed over the feeding and watering of our dog or other animal. Putting a elevated dog bowl to good use can be a way to solve this problem. Your pet is sure to be pleased, too. […]

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Your Family Will Enjoy The Many Advantages Of Buying A Comfy Dog Carrier For The Small Pet

You can’t go wrong with a cute and versatile dog tote carrier. You can use them in all kinds of situations including running out to the store or a visit to the vet. Caring your small dog in a dog tote carrier is one way to keep it safe and sound. There are a couple […]

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Development Stages Of Puppy Training Birth To Wean

When puppies are born they are dependent on others for their initial survival. The optimum situation is for the mother to provide feeding, bathing, and dog training. Most mothers do this admirably but there is also additional need for puppy care birth to wean. At birth the puppies will not even have their eyes open […]

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Bad Dog Behavior – How To Control It

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 There can be nothing more annoying that the constant bark of a dog. Especially if the dog is yours and your neighbors have started to complain. There are lots of reasons why your dog’s behavior has changed from being a good-natured dog to a dog that will not stop […]

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