Golden Retriever And Allergies

Owning a Golden Retriever is always a matter of pride, and whenever you look at its rich golden hair, you may fall in love all over again. But what about the time when you find it shedding excessive hair in an unusual pattern along with a persistent experience of itching? If this happens to your dog chances are that your dog is experiencing allergies. Apart from Golden Retriever allergies, these symptoms may occur as a result of parasitical intervention or any form of infection. Golden Retriever allergies may be of four types – flea allergies, atopy, food allergies and contact allergies.

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Discover The Top 10 Dog Toys For More Brilliant Playtime Hours!

In your dog’s world, time spent with toys should be a regular part of happy doggy life. Dogs need toys to play with! Toys keep your pooch from becoming bored, allow him to entertain himself, provide mental stimulation, and give him something to own for his very self.

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How to Train a Labrador to Keep His Paws to Himself

When you are looking at how to train a Labrador, you’ll find plenty of different options available to you and plenty of resources. If you have a Labrador, you should be aware that one of the first things that you need to deal with is jumping. Taking a look at how to train a Labrador can help you stop the jumping habits and create a better-behaved pet overall.

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Do you still have doubts on the dangers of Chinese imports?

If anyone has the slightest doubt that Chinese imported pet food ingredients are dangerous – read a recent article on the New York Times website titled ‘Impact of the Heparin Drug Scare. The article features a picture of a Chinese heparin lab. The conditions are horrendous.

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Discover Winning Nutrition Tips For Brilliant Canine Health

More than likely you have noticed pet food being marketed as delicious and nutritional. Often, these pet foods appear to mimic the human diet with natural ingredients however the food is actually highly processed.

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Dog Intelligence and Abstract Reasoning

Imagine this: You work in a warehouse. You see a worker with his arms full of boxes enter a room. The lights in the room are not on, so the worker uses his elbow to flip the light switch on. If you were to later enter the same dark room (without carrying anything), you would […]

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