Overweight Dogs


Overweight Dogs Die Younger

This article is sponsored by: natural dog arthritis cures Being overweight shortens a dog’s life expectancy according to new research by the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition. Data on a range of popular dog breeds from across the USA showed that dogs that are overweight in middle age have a shorter life expectancy than ideal weight […]

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What dog food is recommended for overweight dogs?

Question by : What dog food is recommended for overweight dogs? My dog is overweight and I need to help her lose weight. I am going to have her exercise more, but I would also like to change her food. What brand/type of dog food is recommended to help with this? Best answer: Answer by […]

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Dog Training – Overweight Dogs

An overweight dog is something many owners should be very aware of especially after the middle age of about 7 years of age (depending on dogs’ size). A dogs weight can seriously put your dogs health at risk and cut their life short as well as causing a unnecessary painful ending. Dogs tend to be […]

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