Outdoors: Legalizing new trapping tools safer for all

Outdoors: Legalizing new trapping tools safer for all It was just last week that we heard about an unfortunate incident in Poughkeepsie in which a handsome Siberian husky got caught in a beaver trap at Locust Grove — the former home of American inventor Samuel Morse. To his credit, the dog’s owner … Continue reading […]

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Photo: People, dog, children, outdoors

People, dog, children, outdoors Image by The Field Museum Library People, dog, children, outdoors. 1923. Name of Expedition: Captain Marshall Field South American Expedition Participants: J. Francis Macbride, Dr. George Bryan Expedition Start Date: February 22, 1923 Expedition End Date: September 25, 1923 Purpose or Aims: Botany Plants Location: Peru, South America Digital Identifier: CSB47212 […]

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Funny Dog Swims

My Victorian bulldog, Doug, going for a swim in Indian Lake, ON.

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