Dachshund Christmas Cards (Doxie)

Dachshunds, also known as sausage or wiener dogs (because of their elongated build)  have short legs and pointed faces. Chasing just about anything and hunting are their favorite sports. Most dachshunds (or doxies) have crooked legs and a barrel-like chest. Dachshunds are playful and loyal dogs that love chasing small animals and birds. They have […]

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10 Dachshund Christmas Cards

1. Dachshund Christmas Cards Dachshund Christmas Cards $3.20 by sheezl80     2. Dachshund Holiday Card Dachshund Holiday Card $3.15 by ForLoveofDogs     3. Christmas Card – Santa Dachshund Christmas Card – Santa Dachshund $3.15 by KAWProducts     4. Dachshund Postage Dachshund Postage $23.15 by ForLoveofDogs     5. Dachshund Christmas Card Stars2 Dachshund Christmas Card Stars2 $3.15 […]

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