Obedience Training


Becoming the Leader of the Pack: How to Feed Your Dog With Authority

If you have read my other articles, you understand that you have to be the Leader of the Pack. This should take place by structured obedience training, by real life dog training and by everyday real life living. One of the many ways to show your dog that you are his leader occurs when you […]

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Dog Obedience Training Tips

Obedience training is probably the best thing you can ever do for yourself and your dog. It should be noted that dog obedience training will not resolve all dog behavior problems. However, it’s a very useful foundation for resolving most of the dog behavior problems you’ll encounter. Dog obedience training comes in several flavors. The […]

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Dog Training Techniques For Small Dogs

One of the most effective dog training techniques smaller dogs is reward training. Because choke collars and other aggressive forms of training are ineffective with small breeds like Poodles, Pugs and the Pomeranian due to their small physical stature, reward training has been commonly used as an alternative.

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How To Improve Your Dog’s Confidence


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Ideal Age to Take your Dog to Obedience Classes

Dog owners will want to be proud of the dogs they own. Not only will they want to feed the best food to their dogs and give them the best health care, dog owners will also want their dogs to be obedient. And to instill this obedience in dogs, it is necessary to give them some obedience training through obedience classes.

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In Dog Training, Simple Commands Work Better than Complex Ones

When you are doing dog training simple commands are the best kinds to use. They are easier for puppies and dogs to understand. This concept is generally taught in an obedience training class, but it can take some time to get the hang of doing this.

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Is Dog Training Necessary?

Dog training is an Art not a science. Many trainers and facilities develop a training method. Dogs will always be dogs and humans will continually try to make their dog into a furry person. Dog Training is just as important as feeding and watering. That 5lb adorable, cute, huggable, kissable, loveable puppy, could turn into a 60lb nightmare if not shown the proper guidance.

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Obedience Training For Your New Puppy

By: Jim McKiel Training is usually broken down into two types: obedience and behavioral. We will discuss obedience training in this article. Obedience training for your new puppy should begin the day you bring him/her home. You should make obedience training fun and incorporate the training with play sessions. It is so easy to train […]

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