Negative Reinforcement


Obedience Training For Dogs: Free Yourself From Being Stressed By Your Badly Behaved Dog

Is your dog’s bad behavior causing you stress? Don’t put it off any longer. It’s time to get down to some consistent obedience training for your dog. This means you need to be persistent and consistent with your training. However, make sure your training is always fun or your dog may get bored! What Are […]

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Dog Training Schools: How to Choose

The truth is there are so many dog courses that offer their services to anyone willing to pay them. The problem though is not all schools will meet your standards or your expected guarantees. Here are some points of considerations when trying to choose a good school for training your dog. Reputable Reputation has different […]

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3 Tips For Better Dog Training Success

A lot of dog trainers will tell you that you do not have to correct your dog at all. They believe in positive reinforcement, with the absence of a reward being viewed as punishment enough to stop many unwanted behaviors. However, A dog can sometimes behave so badly that it becomes very hard to change […]

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