Getting Rid of the Need For Boston Terrier Rescues!

Whether you are someone who loves Boston terriers or you simply have a love of dogs in general, you will find that there is little that is more heartbreaking when one of these dogs needs to be re-homed. The truth of the matter is that there are many different situations out there that could cause […]

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ADOPT-A-PET TORONTO: Wren the cat and Sally the Boston Terrier mix need homes –

ADOPT-A-PET TORONTO: Wren the cat and Sally the Boston Terrier mix need homes – insideTORONTO.comADOPT-A-PET TORONTO: Wren the cat and Sally the Boston Terrier mix need homesinsideTORONTO.comThis week’s ADOPT-A-PET TORONTO is Wren, a 6-year-old domestic short hair mix cat and Sally, a 3-year-old Boston Terrier mix. If you would like to adopt Wren or […]

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What You Need To Know About The Boston Terrier Breed Standard

Although the breed standard for the Boston Terrier is pretty strict on what they should look like, they are also strict on what the breed should act like. This attention to temperament has sadly been lacking in some other breed standards like the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Even pet quality Boston Terriers who would be laughed […]

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The Australian Shepherd And Facts You Need To Know

The Australian Shepherd is a working sheep and farm dog that might do quite poorly in an apartment. They are vigorous dogs with high intelligence that were bred to think and work. They require at the least, a properly fenced in enclosure and at the best, a farm to run and work. They form strong […]

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Which Facts Do You Need To Understand In Regards To The Australian Shepherd?

The Australian Shepherd (also called the “Aussie”) is a member of the herding breed group. They have a blue merle, red merle or black, red and white coat. The breed is assumed to have first came into existence during the 1800s. Herding sheep is the role they were originally bred for. Nowadays they’re a popular […]

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Things You Need To Know Before Choosing The Australian Shepherd Breed For Your Household

There are many points to ponder over whenever you make up your mind to choose the Australian Shepherd for your household. The single decision can be really awe-inspiring. The choice of available dog types is marvelous. Your job is to get the ideal dog breed, which fits both your lifestyle and your personality. Here is […]

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Chloe and her 5 babies need a foster home please!

Chloe and her 5 babies need a foster home please! All five babies appear to be Australian Shepherds. We suspect either their father is an Australian Shepherd or that Chloe is nursing them as their surrogate mom instead of their biological mother. We simply don’t know yet, but what is clear is that Chloe … […]

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Australian Shepherd – Dog Breeds – Everything You Need To Know

To begin with we will give you some basic info on the breed and them move on to other areas of this excellent dog. Breed group: Herding Weight: male: 50-65; female: 40-55 lbs Height: male: 20-23; female: 18-21 inches Overview The Australian Shepherd has its origin in North America were it was developed during the […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Dachshund Racing

by Vankuso (Dominik Starosz) The Dachshund is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. Dog racing has been around for many centuries.  In the early 18th century, an event called coursing was a favorite pastime of the nobilities. During a coursing event, several greyhounds are pitted against each other in a […]

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K-9 Coach I Need Help! My Dog Walks Me

CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) –  My Rottweiler pulls me around like a rag doll when I take him for walks. What can I do? The K-9 Coach says that a Rottweiler is a large breed dog and in many cases weighs as much or more as the owner. His advice for a person thinking about […]

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