Save Money by Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

By Kathy Salzberg, NCMG Q. Our 7-year-old Harrier has very thick, hard nails. The groomer uses a nail clipper and follows with a grinding tool on her nails. Since we are currently financially challenged, I am interested in grooming our dog’s nails myself. Can you please give me explicit directions on […]

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Beagle Paws raising money for facility

An St. John’s-based organization dedicated to rescuing beagles is raising money to build its own adoption and education centre.  “We are confident we can reach our goal of $ 750,000 and provide a safe and loving place for beagles to stay while they are awaiting their forever homes,” Sheila Lewis, president and founder of Beagle […]

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Is Your New Dog a Money Pit?

So you bought your kids a puppy for the holidays. And now, looking at your vet bills, the cost of dog food, and several pairs of chewed shoes, you may be wondering if perhaps you should have just bought them an Xbox. Maybe you should have. Many pet owners buy a dog without thinking through […]

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Q&A: how much money would you spend on a dog bed?

Question by Heather: how much money would you spend on a dog bed? how much would the average person buy a dog bed for? and if I wanted something unique and different whats the most I should spend? Best answer: Answer by happy dude$ 50 if it,s a good one. Know better? Leave your own […]

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Q&A: Does anyone know if I can make money from my cute dog pictures?

Question by undomiel99: Does anyone know if I can make money from my cute dog pictures? I have a white pomeranian and I can get the neatest pictures of him. He would look so cute on calendars, posters, mousepads and any type of doggie collectable. Is there anyway for me to get him out there? […]

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Is dog obedience training worth the money?

Question by : Is dog obedience training worth the money? I found a dog obedience class (beginner) that is 6 weeks long (meets 1 hr a week) and costs $ 150. This seems to be the average price. I want to know if others have been pleased with the outcome of their dog going through […]

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Dog Grooming For Dummies

Dog Grooming For Dummies [Bonham, Margaret H.] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dog Grooming For Dummies

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How Much Cash Would I Need To Buy Dog Supplies And Her Vaccinations?

Query by ~Rotten Dog~: How A lot Money Would I Want To Buy Dog Supplies And Her Vaccinations? I have a couple of questions. 1.How a lot money will i need to buy bed,foods and h2o bowls,leash,collar and all that?Which includes Vaccinations (I am not obtaining her spayed until 6 months) 2.What is the smartest […]

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Saving Money With Discount Dog Toys

It buys the toys of the reduction in price dog pu

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Dog Training Made Easy

Dog training can actually be an enjoyable task rather than the painful chore most would view it as. It is always very important for a dog owner to understand that dog training is not going to happen overnight, it will in fact take a little bit of time, which means patience is an absolute must. […]

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