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Natural Dog Food Guide. Store-Bought, Or Home Made: What’s A Doggie Owner to Do?

The massive pet food recall of 2007 had millions of dog owners terrified that they had unwittingly been poisoning their beloved pets. If you and your dog survived that frightening time, you have undoubtedly been more careful in your choice of dog food ever since. But how is the average dog owner to know what […]

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Mad Cow Pet Food?

Recently the Salt Lake Tribune published an article warning livestock owners not to feed “cheap pet food to livestock”. “Utah’s state veterinarian is warning ranchers to avoid giving inexpensive pet food to their herds. Earl Rogers says most pet food has ingredients that could help spread an illness in livestock called BSE. It’s against state and federal law to give it to cattle.” BSE is mad cow disease.

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What’s in a Pet Food Name?

From looking at as many pet food labels as I do, I’ve been reminded about an interesting but disheartening issue about some pet foods. Many pet food manufacturers produce dozens of different types of dog food and cat food. Besides the typical adult or puppy formulas – there are foods that are marketed to specific needs of pets – such as senior pets, indoor cats, dental formulas, and so on. The problem can be that with these niche marketing pet foods – often times there is no difference (or there is very little difference) in ingredients between the higher priced niche products and a maintenance pet food.

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