Beauty the Boston Terrier needs loving home

Beauty the Boston Terrier needs loving home Beauty the Boston Terrier mix from the Winnie Berry Humane Society is searching for her forever home. Executive director Mike Stephens said Beauty, and three other animals were brought into the shelter after a family tragedy left she and her fellow friends … Continue reading at ktre.com K […]

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Abused puppy needs loving home

A puppy whose known nothing but a life of abuse is looking for a new home. Amy Moulton was painting a house Thursday morning when a puppy named Nino ran up and sat down at her feet. “I was just kind of looking around, looking for a possible owner and I noticed some wounds on […]

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The Loving Teacup Pomeranian

There seems to be a trend that has started and bloomed over the last several years and it seems to have come from celebrities who love carrying around those tiny dogs in their purses. The idea of having such a tiny dog that you can literally take them anywhere with you is something that appeals to a lot of people and the teacup Pomeranian is one of the smallest dogs you can get.

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The Beagle – Friendly Loyal And Loving

They appear to have numerous great family-dog qualities.A little to medium sized canine,the beagle weighs in between 20-28 pounds and is 12″to 16″in height. Houses with other canines, kids and animals can all invite the Beagle as part of the household. An extremely energetic type, the beagle requires a home that will offer them plenty […]

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