Couple lose more than $1K over puppy ad on Craigslist

Couple lose more than K over puppy ad on Craigslist (WZZM) — A Kent County couple is out more than $ 1,000 after trying to buy two puppies off Craigslist. “He’s always wanted a Great Dane,” said Tonya Tousley. “I always wanted to make that wish come true.” She says one of the puppies was […]

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What would cause my dog to lose her voice?

Question by sandifer18: What would cause my dog to lose her voice? My 12 yr old german shepherd “lost her voice” for about a week, she was feeling fine, eating, pooping, playing…you know, all the good stuff. But when she barked it was hoarse. She’s all better now, but I wonder what may have caused […]

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What Activity Out There Other Than Walking Or Jogging Will Help My Dog Lose Weight And We Can Do It Together?

A Reader Asks… My dogs like to run along when I ride my bike. I also have a puppy who loves to go to the park (not the dog park). She loves to slide down the toddler slides and will do it over and over and over (obviously you have to be careful of children […]

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