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Considering Adoption Of A Dog?

Simply seeing that furry little bundle in front of a grocery store for free doesn’t mean that is the puppy you need to take home. Adopting a dog is an important decision, and you need to do your research to make sure that you are finding the right breed and tempered dog for your family. […]

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The Basics of Dog Grooming

Dog grooming can be very expensive if you visit a pet grooming salon. However, you must not compromise your pet’s hygiene and overall physiological and psychological health by ignoring its need to be well-groomed. Similar to humans, dogs need to be pampered occasionally so that they not only look better but feel special. Happily, it’s […]

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Chihuahua Dog Clothes

(Hint: Move your mouse over the image to see the design view) Chihuahuas Rule – Dog T-Shirt Chihuahua Patriotism Dog Duds – Dog T-shirts Dog Breeds B – C CHIHUAHUA JoAnn’s Store Yes, But I’m a GOOD Bitch Squirrel Patrol Dog Clothes and More Property Of A… Chihuahua Short Hair Pup Dogs Chihuahuas Lucky Star […]

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Stopping Dog Aggression

There is always a reason for aggressive behavior in dogs. If you can discover the reason for the aggression, you can usually correct or at least control a dog’s aggression. Some breeds of dogs have gotten a really bad reputation of late; pit bulls, rottweilers, and chows, for example. Some breeds are even forbidden in […]

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