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How to Give Your Cat a Bath (And Live to Tell the Tale)

Cats typically don’t require any help from you when it comes to “being clean”. They are meticulous clean freaks and spend a ridiculous amount of time preening and primping. Kittens discover at a very early age how to clean themselves – mainly because mom is constantly showing them how. Cat owners rarely need to give […]

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Dealing With Pet Stains and Odors

Acting quickly is the key to successfully removing pet odors and stains. This is especially true when dealing with pet urine, which leaves behind a nasty and long-lasting odor, as well as a stain. If you take to cleaning up urine quickly, you should be able to completely remove it so it doesn’t leave a […]

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Q&A: Can I train my 7-months old shih Tzu to use a litter box?

by rkleine Question by sami: Can I train my 7-months old shih Tzu to use a litter box? Some days, I cannot get home lunch time to take him out. Although he is house-trained, I keep his training pads when I know I will be gone all day and he usually uses them (~90 %). […]

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How to Teach a Cat and a Dog to Get Along

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting event, but care must be taken if you already have a furry friend who may not appreciate a new roommate. This is particularly true if one pet is a dog and the other’s a cat! However, these natural enemies can learn to tolerate one another and even […]

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Cat Care 101: Keeping Your Home Clean and Your Cat Healthy

Our cats are full-fledged family members – no doubt. Their loyalty to comfort us with their love and their ability to seek their own kind. Sometimes, though, is his hair, or leave an unpleasant odor footprints "in our homes. Just as we clean up the payment by our children (or our spouses!), Is up to […]

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Quickest Ways Of Potty Training Puppies

There are lots of reasons that many people just love to own puppies. Some people want them for companionship, others for protection or perhaps for income, but whatever their intentions are for owning one, potty training puppies is one of the most important things an owner needs to learn first. Well if you are a […]

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Chihuahua Puppy Care: How to Prepare

Chihuahua puppy care, like any new puppy care, can be a hassle if you don’t make the right preparations and learn about what to do prior to bringing your puppy home. Chihuahuas are a particularly tricky breed to take care of since they are hard to house train and are so small and fragile. What […]

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