Mystery disease killing Ohio dogs

Veterinarians, health officials and dog owners are alarmed by the mysterious recent deaths of four dogs in Ohio. Some experts suspect the dogs may have died a few days after exposure to a virus that’s normally found in pigs. Three dogs in the Cincinnati area and a fourth dog near Akron died in August after […]

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Killing of neighbors’ dogs in sheep pen sparks uproar

Carolyn Davis, INQUIRER STAFF WRITER Posted: Thursday, February 21, 2013, 8:09 PM To the Bock family of Chester Springs, Bernese mountain dogs Fiona and Argus were happy, loving pets. To neighbor Gabriel Pilotti, they were apparently pests. And when he found them loose among his sheep last week, he shot them dead. “It was just […]

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Article: Dog Illness Diagnosis – What You Don’t Know Could Be Killing Your Dog

Has your friendly furball ever had a dog illness diagnosis? If you have never had to experience this it can be a scary thing, just as if you were diagnosed with an illness. Fortunately today there are many ways you can prevent dog illnesses and get them the right treatment should they receive a dog […]

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