V-dog Kibble 30 lb bag

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Too Cute! – The Making of a Guide Dog

Too Cutes MOST ADORABLE CLIPS! | These cute Labradors are being trained to become guide dogs.

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Premier Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Dog Toy

Product DescriptionMakes dogs work for their food in a fun and challenging way. Mentally and physically stimulates dogs by appealing to their natural prey and stalking drives. Holds approximately 2 cups of food. The Treat Meter on either end of the balls randomly dispenses kibble and treats. Mixes food and exercise for a fun dog […]

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Dog Food Storage Containers – The Perfect Gift For Your Special Dog

With a little bit of knowledge and effort you can find dog food storage containers to suit your needs. With so many dog food storage to choose from in different sizes, shapes, forms, kind of materials and even color schemes. Above all, it is important to make sure that the dog food storage container you […]

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Senior Dog Diets-Just Why Are They So Important?

You hate to admit it, but your furry pal is getting a little older. You want to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy for many years to come. You have heard all of the hype about the new dog diets for older pets. Is there really a difference between dog food for adult […]

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What is the Green Bean Dog Diet?

For some time now people have playing around with the idea of the green bean diet for dogs. You may have already know about this and are considered trying it. Let’s take a look at the green bean dog diet and discuss some of the problems and advantages of it. If you decide to feed […]

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Dog Bowl: Managing Canine Obesity

The most common nutritional disease for dogs has become obesity. Canine obesity has been linked to a pet’s lack of exercise, hormone issues and a slowing metabolism. Overwhelmingly however, dog obesity can be contributed to improper feeding techniques, specifically eating too fast. Eating too fast can not only lead to obesity and bloating but it […]

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