Boston Terrier Nutrition: Keeping Your Pet Healthy

There are different nutritional requirements that pertain to different dog breeds and thus it is necessary to know exactly what the best foods are with regard to your Boston Terrier nutrition. In fact, not only does the nutritional requirement pertain to living Boston Terriers, but such nutritional needs are also passed on to succeeding generations […]

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Keeping your Chihuahua dog safe in winter

Keeping your Chihuahua dog safe in winter Your Chihuahua is a small, feisty little guy with a spunky, bold personality and attitude. Despite its brave demeanor, this little dog cannot brave the elements of cold, wet winter weather elements. There are many options to choose from when protecting … Continue reading at Peterborough Chihuahua […]

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Q&A: Keeping a dog around a newborn?

Question by TS: Keeping a dog around a newborn? My wife and I are expecting our babygirl in late October. We have an 18 month old German Shepherd “Lucy” at home as a gaurd dog. Our baby came as a suprise and now with the dog at home we have concerns about weather the stories […]

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Article: 3 Tips for Getting Free Printable Dog Food Coupons for Keeping Your Dog Healthier

Good dog food is essential for keeping your dog healthier. But cost included for maintaining their good health may sometimes reach out of your budget. Here are 3 tips for getting free printable dog food coupons for keeping your dog healthier at discounted prices. Most of the people are worried about the increasing vet bills […]

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Do the shocking dog collars work well with keeping a dog in a yard?

A reader asked.. I have a fenced in yard but my dog just jumps the fence.we have to keep him on a lead and he still pops his head out of ANY collar!do shocking dog collars work?or any other suggestions?

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Cat Care 101: Keeping Your Home Clean and Your Cat Healthy

Our cats are full-fledged family members – no doubt. Their loyalty to comfort us with their love and their ability to seek their own kind. Sometimes, though, is his hair, or leave an unpleasant odor footprints "in our homes. Just as we clean up the payment by our children (or our spouses!), Is up to […]

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Keeping Your Dog Safe and Chic with a Personalized Dog Collar

If you want to keep your dog safe and at the same time stylish, then you might want to get your pooch a personalized dog collar. Dog tags are easy to fall off but personalized collars can be engraved with all useful information that would come in handy in case your pet gets lost or […]

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