What does the dot/period mean in javascript?

Question by JJ: What does the dot/period mean in javascript? for example document.write what’s the dot for? Best answer: Answer by fantabulumIt’s to access either an attribute or call a method (function) of an object. * document.title would pull the ‘title’ attribute from the ‘document’ object. * document.write calls the ‘write’ method on document. To […]

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Abandoned Dogs Roam Detroit in Packs as Humans Dwindle

You need to enable Javascript to play media on Play Detroit Dominated by Pitbulls as 50K Dogs Roam Free As many as 50,000 stray dogs roam the streets and vacant homes of bankrupt Detroit, replacing residents, menacing humans who remain and overwhelming the city’s ability to find them homes or peaceful deaths. Dens of […]

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‘Out of control’ dog attacks rise

1 March 2013 Last updated at 03:02 ET More people were admitted to hospital in Wales following dog attacks last year than at any point since 1999. In 2011/12, 410 people were hospitalised as a result of being bitten or struck by a dog, which is nearly double the figure for 2000/01. The Welsh government […]

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