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What Small Dog Breed Is Best For You?

Small dog breeds are also called toy dogs. The dogs are the smallest types of dogs available. Small dogs also tend to be less expensive then larger dogs as they eat less, due to their size, and generally have less mess, less shedding and generally less cost. Originally these small breeds came from ancient lap […]

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How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb ?

Question by Ashy Bashy ?: How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb ? This is a cute joke!!! Golden Retriever – “The sun is shining, the day is young, we’ve got our whole lives ahead of us, and you’re worried about a silly burned out light bulb!?” Border Collie – “And […]

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Top dogs strut their stuff at the Philippine Circuit Dog Show

From tiny chihuahuas to heavy German Shepherds, dogs of all shapes and sizes filled Megamall’s Megatrade Hall in Mandaluyong last weekend for the Philippine Circuit Dog Show, held from February 21 to 24. Dogs went through obstacles in the agility competition, displayed their relay racing skills in the Flyball competition, and strutted their stuff in […]

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Puppy Stolen From Family's Car

by TranBC BEDFORD, BEDFORD COUNTY – The McMullen family’s new puppy was supposed to bring comfort after it faced a string of misfortunes. Jim McMullen almost died after suffering a high-blood sugar levels from undiagnosed diabetes, and his 8-year old daughter Nicole was recovering after falling into a fire. “It was touch and go there,” […]

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Snuggie for Canines in Pink – As Noticed on Tv

Snuggie for Puppies in Pink – As Observed on Television Retain your pet entirely warm in the chilly air Heat, tremendous-gentle fleece is perfect for indoor or out of doors use Adjustable velcro tabs make sure the best in shape The Snuggie blanket is device washable for your ease Keeps puppies heat and paws free […]

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Dogs are SMARTER than FUNNY Toy Review Video by Mike Mozart and Funny Coco Puff of jeepersmedia

Funny Video! Dogs are Smarter than Mike Mozart! And Today’s Funny Video Review is of the Funny Digger Dog Gemmy Toy by Mike Mozart of the Funniest Video Channel jeepersmedia on youtube. Coco Puff the Official Puppy Mascot of Jeepers Media Also appears in this Funny Review Video! COMMENT QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: o What […]

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I Need A Good Dog Toy For My 2 Year Old Jack Russell Terrier?

A reader asked.. My Jack Russell Terrier is a very enthusiastic chewer and I would like to find some dog toy that will take her at least a day or so to destroy. She tends to swallow a bit of the toy, so preferably something safe to eat.

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What Kind Of Dog Would You Like To Choose?

So, you’re thinking about getting a pet dog to bring home, eh? Well, in choosing breed of dog, you also need to consider a lot of things like what kind of dog is best when you have kids, what kind of dog breed is best when you are living in a very rough neighborhood. If […]

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A Dog in One Pack- Jack Russell Terrier

A Dog in One Pack- Jack Russell Terrier We basically want to find companions who would give us most of the benefits we think we need. Well, if you are looking for a dog breed that is somewhat a one-in-package pal, you might find Jack Russell Terriers interesting enough. This dog has a history that […]

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Q/A: Golden Retriever Agility

Got a question? Post it in a comment. Question: How good are Golden Retrievers at agility? Answer: Pretty darn good. The following chart ranks different agility dog breeds according to AKC statistics (wins, etc). Border Collie Australian Shepherd Shetland Sheepdog Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever Belgian Tervuren Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Jack Russell Terrier Belgian […]

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