United Airlines accidentally sends dog to Ireland instead of Phoenix

A. Pawlowski , NBC News contributor   –   1 day A dog that was supposed to be shipped to Phoenix but somehow ended up in Ireland has left United Airlines red-faced and an angry pet owner demanding answers. It’s been quite a journey for Hendrix, a 6-year-old English springer spaniel named after JImi Hendrix, […]

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Dog Takes Accidental Trip to Ireland After Airline’s Slip-Up

A dog meant to meet his family in Phoenix, Ariz., ended up on a plane to Ireland after he was mistakenly put on the wrong flight from a New Jersey airport. Edith Lombardo-Albach of Staten Island, N.Y., told that her six-year-old English Springer Spaniel named Hendrix was scheduled to arrive in Phoenix Sky Harbor […]

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Rednose Pitbulls – They Mean Business

Rednose Pitbulls – They Mean BusinessBy: Dane Stanton No one understands for sure where rednose pitbulls originated from or what nation for sure nevertheless there are records that plainly reveal the details we do understand is that they can be found in big part from Ireland. Due to the fact that they are from something […]

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