Interesting NY Times Article on Lasik Bankruptcy

New economic realities of the financial stability of your doctor have been made even more important. You do not want to have Lasik and then have your doctor to go bankrupt. What happens to the possibility of a lifetime commitment, if your doctor goes down in flames? In this New York Times article Lasik patient […]

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How To Make Interesting Dog Collars And Where To Find Supplies?

A reader asked.. . . . i am wanting to make a dog collar for my dog. I have seen some of the nylon webbing ones but i don’t know where to get the supplies ( i live in australia), are there any other ways to make dog collars

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Interesting Dog Training Web Sites Or Books Out There?

A Reader Asks… Do you know any good dog training web sites that focus on unique, interesting or little-known facts about training and living with dogs?

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Interesting Tips For Potty Training Puppies Without A Crate

At around three weeks old, your puppy is readily able to adapt to new situations and because they are one of the smartest creatures by nature, potty training puppies will not be too difficult for anyone. When you're a new pet owner, you can make a choice about whether or not you want to confine […]

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Interesting Dachshund Facts

Probably the most strangely shaped dog in the Hound category is the German Dachshund. The Germans developed this odd little dog to hunt badgers, where his long body and short legs helped him with the task. Consider these fascinating Dachshund facts:

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Interesting Poodle Facts

Thinking of owning a pet? Poodles are best for you because they are one of the most wonderful pets. Aside from their excellent and distinguishable features, they are among the most intelligent breeds. They are usually small but you may be surprised to know that there are 3 different sizes. Here are some poodle facts you might find interesting:

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