Australian Shepherd Training: Coaching Highly Intelligent Canines

There are a variety purposes for training your furry companion. Other than doing tricks for enjoyment, dog breeds like the Australian Shepherd are usually trained to safeguard the property, herd sheep as well as excel at numerous dog sports such as dog agility, frisbee and flyball. Although dog owners have successfully trained their Aussies, it […]

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The Top Ten Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Border Collie Border Collies were originally bred in the borderlands between Scotland and England as herding dogs. They were selected to be able to work long days on rugged terrain, have excellent herding skills, instincts and intelligence. Over time, this led to the Border Collie’s astounding energy, trainability and ability to reason. Border Collies are […]

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The Dachshund Temperament

Doxies are independent. Doxies are loving. They are playful. They can be aggressive. How can this be true of one dog breed? Well it is. Doxies are among the most interesting and complex breeds precisely because they encompass all these attributes and many more besides. Bred in Germany to chase vermin in the 1600s, fearless […]

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Poodles: Intelligent And Loyal

In their earliest years, Poodles served as retrievers for ducks. Their main purpose was to jump into the water and fetch ducks, which led to its becoming a good swimmer. However, today the Poodle can do a lot more and he is certainly also a good companion as he is easy to train and possesses traits such as being agile, and can hunt as well as track. Poodles are also excellent rescue animals and they also make wonderful service dogs.

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