Designer Dog Beds – Let Your Pet Sleep In Peace

Choosing the right one between the hundreds of designer dog beds available is much more demanding than you thought at first. The multiplicity of possibilities is so enormous one does not exactly know where to start in making your choice! However, if you want your choice to be comfortable, good looking and want it to […]

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The Dog Smells Awful

It is very true.  Your best friend stinks.Your dog? Still your favorite friend.  Loyal.  Uncomplicated.  Dedicated.Completely True.Truly undemanding (most of the time)!).Here is the question: What more could a friend want from another?Here is the answer…A fragrant dog-friend. How did this problem come to pass.In the long-ago days, man’s best friend was also a hunter-friend, […]

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Wood Dog House – What Type Of Materials To Use For Your Doghouse?

Although wood dog houses are common among many families who own dogs, not many people know there are many different types of wood available for your dog house. The most common type of wood used is cedar. It is one of the most popular choices for wooden dog houses because of its resistance to decay […]

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