indestructible dog toys


Indestructible dog toy commercial – What were they called?

A reader asked.. I saw an ad yesterday on TV about a set of 2 indestructible dog toys for $10. They were plush with squeakers and were a fox and a raccoon. I need to order a few. Anyone know? Yeah, we have a boxer and a chocolate lab. Stuffed toys last about a day […]

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How To Choose The Right Dog Toys

The basic rules of thumb when choosing the right dog toys is know the goal you are trying to accomplish. From here, the next step is understanding your breed’s behavior while taking into account the breed size. Once you have this information, the choices are endless. Dog toys play an important role in your dogs […]

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Indestructible Dog Toys – Fact or Fiction?

Several years ago, we owned a Dalmatian that went through normal dog toys faster than rain water through a down spout. We would buy him toys and buy him toys but they never seemed to last much more than a month. In some cases they would be gone in a week. This got me into […]

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Christmas Gifts For Dogs? The Interactive Dog Toys Will Be Perfect

Christmas season has started to wave its magical hands over the world making the whole world look more beautiful. Well this reminds me of the beautiful Christmas song “Christmas, Christmas time is near, Time for toys and time for cheer, We’ve been good, but we can’t last, Hurry Christmas, hurry fast, Want a plane that […]

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Indestructible Dog Toys – Best Companions For Your Dogs

Toys are important for your dog, not only to get him to exercise but also to relive his stress. It is very important that you buy toys which are long lasting and sturdy and do not get easily spoiled by their robust teeth. It is essential for you to buy indestructible dog toys. 
Indestructible does […]

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Indestructable Dog Toys for your Dog

If you are looking to buy dog toys then you should look for them and buy them the same way you would buy them for your children. Safety should be first. This is why indestructible and durable toys are best for your dogs.The tys need to be durable, interesting and safe. Dogs carry round their […]

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