Amanda Seyfried talks about living with OCD and says ‘mental illness should be taken as seriously as anything else’

Amanda Seyfried talks about living with OCD and says ‘mental illness should be taken as seriously as anything else’ Located in a small rural town, she raises chickens and has plans to add a goat and a pig. She’s also starting to grow her own fruit and veggies and shares her home with her faithful […]

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Dog’s mystery illness solved by intern

Dog’s mystery illness solved by intern Ollie, a 10-year-old Sheltie from Portland, Oregon, was moments from being euthanized when a veterinary intern spotted the problem that left the dog fighting for his life. The dog’s owners had a tough decision to make when his health started to rapidly … Continue reading at Shetland Sheepdog […]

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Dog park reopens; cause of canine illness undetermined

The dog park reopened Thursday, as the state Department of Agriculture ruled out the virus veterinarians thought might be the cause of a mysterious dog illness. Canal Fulton City Manager Mark Cozy said because whatever is making dogs sick isn’t “a pandemic,” there’s no need to keep the park closed.  Area dog parks temporarily closed […]

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Puppy’s illness upsets her owner

A woman who bought a puppy at a pet store is upset because the dog is chronically ill. She’s blaming the Petland in Vandalia and the breeder, who recently was added to a national list of the 100 most horrible puppy mills put out by the Humane Society of the United States. There’s no criminal […]

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Article: Identifying Dog Illness- a Herculean Task?

Signs of dog illness have to be identified as early as possible in order to avoid excessive damage to the internal organs of your pet. Once the signs become more pronounced, then it is really difficult to cure the disease. To recognize the signs of illness in your dog, first you should aware about the […]

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Article: Dog Illness Diagnosis – What You Don’t Know Could Be Killing Your Dog

Has your friendly furball ever had a dog illness diagnosis? If you have never had to experience this it can be a scary thing, just as if you were diagnosed with an illness. Fortunately today there are many ways you can prevent dog illnesses and get them the right treatment should they receive a dog […]

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Article: Common Causes of Dog Illness and Symptoms

Looking at a healthy dogs playing around the house or backyard always make the owner happy. In reality we can’t avoid pet illness and the best things the pet owner can do is to watch for the common signs of illness symptoms. There are many possibilities that can cause health problems for your beloved dog […]

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Article: Symptoms of Dog Illness In More Detail

Article by pat millz There are so many illnesses that the dog may need to face during its lifetime. Some of these illnesses are bacterial in origin, some are viral, and some are metabolic etc. Diagnosis for dog illness is the key in protecting the dog from the illness as some of the illness can […]

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dog illness: What are the most dog illnesses?

Question by David F: dog illness: What are the most dog illnesses? I’ve read from ( ) that ring worm is the most common sickness, but I am not sure. Is this true? Best answer: Answer by kate jsyes- ringworm is extremely common in household pets like dogs and cats. It also very treatable, […]

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Dog Diarrhea

Diarrhea can, and chances are will come to every dog you ever have in your lifetime and is a very common type of illness to have but in most cases is nothing serious and is not a cause to worry. Lots of things can cause diarrhea in your dog and although on most cases the […]

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