Ideas for Homemade Dog Toys

Buying commercial dog toys can be very expensive at times. You are also not 100% sure if they are safe to your canine pet. Some dog toys contain deadly toxins and chemicals that may be detrimental to your dog’s health. Other pet chews and toys also have lead components that can cause vomiting, poor appetite […]

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Any Ideas On What To Goggle For Free Advanced Dog Training Websites?

A Reader Asks… I am intrested in furthering my dogs training. They have mastered basic obedience and now I would like to take them further. I am not quit sure what I want to to teach them to do but they love learning(and so do I) so much that it would be a shame not […]

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Any Activity Ideas For The Humans At A Dog’s Birthday Party?

A Reader Asks… I’m have a b-day party for my dog. He’ll be 1. There are kids coming age range 3-8. Any party ideas for them? It’s cold outside, so it has to be in the house…..I was going to have them “fetch their bones” with the goodie bag stuff inside a plastic bone with […]

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Does Your Dog Look Like he is Suffering From Stress? 6 Easy Ideas to De-stress Your Dog

The long term impacts of stress have long been overlooked when it comes to our pets. In a human being, stress can result in health issues, it can interfere in our relationships with others, and we may become unbalanced, irritable and aggressive towards those around us. What makes us think that dogs don’t feel the […]

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