Dogs In Cars – Cheap Car Insurance, or a Liability?

This article includes tips about Dogs In Cars. Taking a ride in their owner’s car is a treat for most dogs, especially if the destination is a fun place. Even a trip to the local grocery store or shopping center will add a little excitement to his day and broaden his horizons. For safety’s sake, […]

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IS DOGERDAY!!!!!! These dogs arent normal dogs Dogerday Nigth Fever!!!! IS TIME FOR THE DOGS!!!!

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Check this Out!! Golden Retriever Dogs in Pool!! To Funny!!

Golden Retriever dogs in Swimming Pool

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The Pug Dog: Playful And Affectionate

Having a Pug dog can be a lot of fun. Pugs are considered a toy dog breed, with a medium-small body. They weigh between thirteen and twenty pounds, and stand from twelve to fourteen inches tall, generally never getting bigger than that. Pugs have a wrinkly face and large, dark eyes that truly adds to their attractiveness and cuddliness. When they are excited, their eyes light up and have a lot of expression in them.

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The Noble German Shepherd Dog

When Al Gore testified before Congress after his movie An Inconvenient Truth was released, the Congress jokingly accused him of being a movie star. “Rin Tin Tin was a movie star!” Al Gore retorted. “I just have a little slide show.” Rin Tin Tin was a fictional German Shepherd dog that embodied all the best in a celebrity. Was Rin Tin Tin a myth, or based on the real personalities of German Shepherd dogs?

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Pug Personalities

The Pug dog is probably named Pug after the Old English word Pugg, which means a playful little devil or monkey. That name fits the Pug, as they have a winning personality that has aided in its migration around the word. Originally breed in China, it later traveled to Japan, other places around the globe, and eventually to England. From there, it came to America. The American Kennel Club officially recognized it as a breed in 1885. The Pug Dog Club of America was started in 1931, and the breed has grown in popularity ever since that time. It is one of the favorite breeds around the world.

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Pet Checks Are A Fantastic Gift For You & Friends & Family

Choice choice choice, it’s everywhere we look these days.

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It’s Easy To Train An American Rottweilers

The American Rottweiler is a very intelligent and good-humored dog. Hundreds of years ago they were known as working dogs and are happiest when performing a task. The American Rottweiler is very possessive of its owner and his possessions and, therefore, will make a good guard dog.

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The History Of Black Pomeranians

The black Pomeranian will make a great family pet. He makes a great small pet for children because he is very sturdy and lightweight. He is a very loyal and watchful dog with a very good nature. He is easily trained with consistency and loves to be walked. The differences between the black Pomeranian and the regular Pomeranian is only in color. The black Pomeranian is a small strong dog with a medium bone structure whose legs are directly proportional to his body size.

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Bloodhound Clocks

Bloodhound Mom. You are the proud Mom of your dog. This unique dog Mom design makes a great Bloodhound gift for dog Mothers. Bloodhound Dad. You are the proud Dad of your dog. This unique dog Dad design makes a great Bloodhound gift for dog Fathers. Your dog is the center of your universe. “Eat, […]

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