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The Right Dog Care Helps Ensure Your Canine Friend’s Happiness And Good Health

The Right Dog Care Helps Ensure Your Canine Friend’s Happiness And Good Health Human beings and their dogs have been inseparable companions from way back in time and part of the reason for these close bonds between humans and their pet dogs is the love that dogs give so unconditionally to their human masters who […]

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Puppy Adoption: 3 Things That You Need To Consider Before You Adopt A Puppy

Adopting a puppy is a noble thing to do. Note many people consider puppy rescue adoption for various reasons. What many people fail to understand is that giving a little puppy a home can be emotionally rewarding. Just think about how happy the little puppy would be if you bring it home and care for […]

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Curb Dog from Jumping Unecessarily

One of the few annoying things in life is visiting a friend or family member only to have their dog jump all over you. This is a normal puppy habit that should right away be stopped in order to ensure yourself and your guests are not knocked over upon entering your home. Always remember that […]

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Why Do Dogs Bark?

Why do dogs bark? That’s easy: dogs bark because they are telling you something, interacting with other dogs, or showing an emotion. Most likely, you’ve observed your dog with another dog at some point and seen them intermingle . Dogs bark at each other when they play or are just hanging out together. Sad to […]

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Dog Food Secrets – Are Commercial Dog Food Safe?

Ultimately, one will realize that manufactured canned dog foods are not the best for dogs. Although there are many substantial claims that the formulas used for these dog foods are scientifically tested to meet the required dietary allowance of our beloved pets, one would have to consider that dogs of the ancient times never really […]

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Dog Ear Yeast Infection – Curing a Dog Yeast Infection

Rex was a very playful dog. He loved to have you throw him any small object and he would run and get it. Sharon’s kids loved Rex. They would come over to my house with Rex and my boys would also enjoy playing with Rex. One day the boys came over and Rex was not […]

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