What You Need to Know Before You Get a Puppy

A puppy can come to be your best buddy as well as a devoted companion. However, you have to learn what you are getting into before you go out and purchase a puppy from a dog breeder. I have been working with dogs for quite a while now and feel capable of sharing a couple […]

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Dog Obedience Training At Home: Tips

When Michael, bought a small golden retriever as a birthday gift for his youngest daughter, he never imagined – that the little canine would chew up her report card, that had accidentally dropped to the floor! Unbelievable as it sounds, this is a true story! What’s surprising is that, this is not a lone case […]

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Puppy Training Information that will benefit You and your new Addition

There are few things cuter than a new puppy – at least until you bring one home and watch him soil your carpet and chew on your favorite sofa! Those adorable faces in the pet store window are going to take some effort on your part to care for and train. The good news is […]

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Advantage of Crate Training

When done correctly, crate training benefits both your dog and you.  It will create a much happier household for all family members when you dog learns and understands his boundaries. Housebreaking Will Be Much Easier No dog enjoys resting in his own mess, therefore dogs will tend to gain better bladder control when confined to […]

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Puppy Training: Ways to Train My Puppy

Nearly all of the puppies owned by Americans make their home indoors. You need to do some housebreaking with them if you are considering having them live in the home. The process of potty training a puppy is a prospect that intimidates many dog owners. But it’s really not that hard to accomplish, it doesn’t […]

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Powerful Means of Puppy House Training

With a new puppy in the home, puppy house training guidelines must be worked out to prevent little “surprises” from appearing around your house. House training must be worked through by every new puppy and its owners. Some puppies require more time and patience to catch on, while other puppies learn the process rather quickly. […]

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How to Crate Train Your Dog the Right Way

While there are many people who do not fully understand the importance of crate training, more and more people are truly starting to catch on. You shouldn’t try to crate train your dog unless you’ve given the process a lot of thought. Without knowing all of the facts, a person could really just wasting their […]

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Difficulties Involved in Housebreaking

You should waste no time starting the process of housebreaking your new dog — once you have him home, you are ready to begin. While some people like to give their new dog a little time to get to know the family and the house before laying down the law, this can only lead to […]

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Puppy Barking is the Way a Puppy Communicates

Puppy barking is totally normal for dogs. Be prepared for puppy barking, whining and howling when you bring them home as it is what they do! If you are one devoted dog owner, you’ll know you will experience barking, whining and howling at any time. There is no way to train your puppy to stop […]

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The Importance of Puppy Obedience

Puppy obedience should start early on in the whelping box. The basics of puppy obedience training may be initiated by the breeder from whom you purchased or secured your puppy. Puppies, according to studies, are not ready for any training until at least three weeks of age. When puppies are born they know only of […]

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