housebreaking a puppy


How to Prepare For Potty Training a Puppy

If this is your first time potty training a puppy, then you need to remember that things are going to get a bit messy in the near future. To keep your home from becoming like a war zone full of “acid pools” and “landmines,” you need to get a stock of these basic things to […]

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Passive Puppy Training.

  Having a well-behaved dog around the house requires time spent on training.Training is often completed only after your pup has gotten older by a few months.Pups spend some time getting used to being up and about by themselves.Bowel and bladder control is not innate in canines; young pups can’t hold it as long as […]

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The Jury Is Out Regarding The Efficacy Of Using A Puppy Training Pad

One of the most common means of housebreaking a puppy is using a puppy training pad. However, not every puppy owner will use this option and it is in fact really a matter of personal preference. In case you do choose to use a puppy training pad then to succeed in your endeavors requires that […]

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