the History Of The Boston Terrier Dog Breed

The history of the Boston Terrier parallels the history of the new Americans descended from European colonists. In the 1800’s, new America was trying to find their own identity not only in their place in the world, but in their own homes. They wanted to take the best of the European dogs they were familiar […]

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Boston Terrier 101: Breed History

Dogs were already in America when the colonists came, but the colonists did not like them. The Boston Terrier was created to fill the need of a companion dog. The Boston Terrier was developed from French and English Bulldog stock. The native dogs of America did not fit the bill for America. They are smaller, […]

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Triple-threat sheltie, owner make competition history

Triple-threat sheltie, owner make competition history Kiely barks at her owner and follows Christa Medaries’ every move as they walk across the Medaries’ property in western Ouachita Parish, a sheep and duck farm the family named Promise Pastures. Medaries gives a treat to Kiely, her nearly 6-year-old … Continue reading at hannapub.com CATS—CAN THEY BE […]

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Get a history lesson while losing weight at this Central Park class

Get a history lesson while losing weight at this Central Park class Do 20 lunges in front of the statue commemorating the Siberian husky who led a sled team through a blizzard and delivered medicine to Nome, Alaska, in 1925. More boxing demonstrations here work to develop punching endurance at the “Angel of the Waters […]

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French Bulldogs are also nicknamed “The Prostitute’s Dog”. Does anyone know the history behind this?

by Anthonut Question by italianmandog: French Bulldogs are also nicknamed “The Prostitute’s Dog”. Does anyone know the history behind this? Best answer: Answer by i_am_rocco_35French “ladies of the evening” carried them with them as a discreet sign of their profession. What do you think? Answer below!

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History of the German Shepherd

by Ron Cogswell The German Shepherd is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. The history of the German Shepherd, in comparison to other breeds, is a relatively recent tale. However, a century is all it took for this breed to secure it’s place as the top breed for canine protection. […]

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History of the Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch Shepherd dog is a dog breed being considered by the AKC for inclusion as a registered breed. The following article describes the breed. Dutch Shepherds have been distinguished from the other varieties of working line shepherds in a relatively short period of time, a little over a hundred years. Originally used by human shepherds […]

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Dog Grooming – A Short History

Dog Grooming – A Short History – Kindle edition by Fernandez, Amy. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Dog Grooming – A Short History.

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From Wolf Collars to Nfl Dog Collars

Given that dogs were domesticated some 12,000 years ago, it would be fair to say that they have been man’s companion and friend for a very long time now. Still, these canine friends cannot talk; they are but animals, and very smart and loving animals at that. As such, it has been the history of […]

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Spiked Dog Collars – Dog Fashion From History

Indeed, dogs is man’s best friends. That can be the reason behind every dog owner’s desire to spice up the appearance of their dogs through unusual fashion. 
Through the years, dog collars have always been an important and fashionable accessory to dogs, regardless of their breeds. Function-wise, dog collars serve as the handle that links […]

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