Rain helping out farmers in southeast SD – WDAY

Rain helping out farmers in southeast SD – WDAY WDAYRain helping out farmers in southeast SDWDAYDan Bruns, 66, and his trusty “Cork,” a Welsh corgi, patrol the corrals at Bruns Angus Farms north of Madison, S.D., where timely rains keep people smiling. Photo taken June 12, 2017, near Madison, S.D. Mikkel Pates / Forum News […]

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Article: Automatic Dog Doors – Helping to Keep Your Home Safe

Automatic dog doors, both electronic and magnetic, offer a lot of benefits to the dog owner as well as the pet. These pet entrances function much like any other doggy door allowing your pet to roam freely in and out of your home with ease. However, with pet doors which are not automatic, your other […]

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Discount Dog Beds – Helping Your Companion Sleep In Comfort

In today’s world, we have incorporated the dog into being a part of our family and include them in every aspect of our life. This includes them sitting with us while we watch a movie or our favorite show. The drawback to this is that when the pet leaves their hair remains. So how does […]

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Helping Your Dog When It Has Had A Stroke

It may come as a shock to you to find out that your dog has suffered from a stroke. Unlike humans, when a dog has a stroke, he often won’t become paralyzed or display any of the human signs of stroke. In fact, with the right care and attention, chances are he will bounce right […]

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