Health Problems


Most Common Shih Tzu Health Problems

by Hi, I’m Sadie Shih Tzu The Shih Tzu is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. Different dogs are genetically prone to develop certain diseases and the Shih Tzu is no exception. If you know what condition to look for you can act before it is too late or before serious […]

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Stop the Pet Obesity Epidemic and Help Your Pet

Just like human obesity throughout the world, pet obesity is a growing epidemic that needs to be stopped in order for pets to live long and healthy lives. Obesity can lead to other health problems for pets including osteoarthritis, cancer, insulin resistance, and ligament injury. These health problems can even decrease a pet’s life expectancy […]

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Preventive Care Checklist for Dogs

We love our dogs, and would do anything to keep them healthy. But those vet bills can be expensive! There are things we can do to keep our dogs at their peak (and out of our wallets!) This checklist is a great starting point for your dog’s preventative health! Regular Vet Checkups It might seem […]

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Article: Dog Illnesses – Secrets To Getting Your Dog Healthy

Why do we have to keep our dogs healthy? Do you have any plan activities for your dog on daily bases? Anyone dog owner who is close to their dog will easily know when their dog is not well. The problem is that some dog illnesses are internal and are sometimes difficult to notice. In […]

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Factors for Consideration in Buying Quality Dog Accessories

Article by Robin Brain As a buyer one may not be satisfied with buying anything that is second best for the price paid by him or her. It is necessary to have good quality accessories to ensure that the dog remains safe and at the same time the objective of the buyer is fulfilled. It […]

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Dog Teaching and Dog Behaviour Problems And Their Remedies

I know from experience that even the best dogs aren’t always well behaved and do have behaviour problems.  Try and imagine making an attempt to deal with two English Mastiffs, and a little Yorkie Poo.  They are almost impossible to cope with when they are all together which is reasonably frequently.  However, you can learn […]

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Secrets to Great Dog Health Care: Grooming Your Dog

Wouldn’t you rather learn how to deal with minor dog health problems BEFORE they become major ones?  I know I would, because let’s face it, dogs are part of your family, and no one wants to see a part of your family get sick or even die. Even if you’ve got the most easy-care dog […]

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Secrets to Great Dog Health Care: External Parasites and Their Treatments

WHAT IS A PARASITE? External parasites are pretty common among dogs. A parasite is an organism that lives off the resources your dog has to offer: namely, fresh blood (which most parasites drink) and a warm place to stay (in and on the skin and fur). What are the common parasites that might affect my […]

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Terriers: A Perfect Addition To Your Family

Terriers are a very loving and energetic breed that demand a great deal of attention from their family members. They love to make noise and most enjoy being a typical “lap dog.” Terrier training can be a bit difficult if you aren’t persistent, therefore you’ll need to be prepared to be firm and corrective with […]

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Allergies In Pets And Dogs

Yes Dogs Suffer From Allergies Too It is not only human beings who suffer from allergies. Dogs do too. In fact, many people are not aware that there are about 20% of cases in the United States where dogs suffer from severe allergy reactions caused by different types, such as flea allergy, food allergies, inhalant […]

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