Dog Beds – Tips On Selecting The Right One.

It’s such a pleasure seeing your dog enjoy a comfortable nap, isn’t it? Then is makes perfect sense why us dog lovers, take so much care when selecting the perfect dog bed for our much loved pets. Your pooch would just love a comfy place to call his own to curl up in and have […]

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Pomeranian Puppy Training – The Need For Tenderness

As you probably know already, a Pomeranian is a cute little dog with more fur than body. Their temperament is usually friendly but highly active. It is important to start Pomeranian puppy training as soon as you bring these little guys home. The breed is typically smart and will learn fast. Their miniature size also […]

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Train Labs to Stop Digging

Labrador Retrievers are known to be very friendly dogs that love to be active. Because of this, these dogs have to be given activities to do in order to be happy and well behaved. When a dog doesn’t get the interaction that it needs, it will find a way to entertain itself. Labs often do […]

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Why Own A Dog Cage

Many dog owners choose to let their animals romp freely through the house while others choose to place their pets in a cage during certain times. This is done as a training or control measurement instead of tying or putting the dog outside for hours, leaving them to bark uncontrollably and annoying everyone. There are […]

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Following A Schedule Of Puppy Care

Taking care of a new puppy can be quite a task. Not only must you ensure that your puppy is healthy, but you must teach it how to behave in your household. Luckily, you have natural help, since dogs already tend to be creatures that respond well to working out of habit. The way you […]

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Train Your Puppy The Right Way

Here’s a little advice about how to train a puppy. Puppy training doesn’t have to be difficult. It may take a little patience, but dogs are smart and their goal is to make you happy. When you are annoyed with your dog, keep this in mind. There are heaps of books, videos and websites about […]

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Puppy Barking is the Way a Puppy Communicates

Puppy barking is totally normal for dogs. Be prepared for puppy barking, whining and howling when you bring them home as it is what they do! If you are one devoted dog owner, you’ll know you will experience barking, whining and howling at any time. There is no way to train your puppy to stop […]

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The Idiot’s Guide To Stopping Your Dog From Jumping On You

If you are interested in learning how to stop a dog jumping, then you should read this article. Specially we are going to talk about why your dog jumps up at you, tips on helping you to correct this behavior, and a simple step-by-step system you can use to fix this problem for good. Firstly, […]

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New Puppy Care

Now that you are ready to bring your bundle of joy home, start preparing your home so it is properly equipped for new puppy care.  The preparations you need to make and steps you need to take will vary for each different breed.For example Chihuahua puppy care is going to be more challenging and difficult […]

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Case Study on Biting Dog

Three-year-old Terrier mix, Sam has a problem with biting. Other than biting the other dog at home, an 8 year old Spaniel, Sam has the habit of a dog biting and surprisingly snapping at his owners, Ted and Shelly. Both of them is concerned that Sam’s biting behavior will cause problems and because of this […]

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