Infection control experts outline guidance for animal visitations in hospitals

New expert guidance by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) outlines recommendations for developing policies regarding the use of animals in healthcare facilities, embracing a nimal-assisted activities, service animals, research animals and personal pet visitation in acute care hospitals. The guidance was published online in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, the journal of […]

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Dog Training Secrets

Normal 0 By Jim Nettleton If you’re as much of a dog lover as I am, you’re well aware that a dog plays a special role in a home. He is part of the family. Just as we train and teach our kids, we should also teach and train our dog. It is a proud […]

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Guidance For Boxer Dog Training

A boxer dog is a very beautiful, intelligent and loyal pet. Many people are attracted towards boxer dogs due to their beauty, they like them due to their intelligence and prefer to have boxer dogs as a pet at home due to their loyal nature. Boxer dog training needs a lot of effort and attention […]

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Useful Tips For House Training a Dog

House training a dog can be defined as a training or guidance which ensures a dog that it is too considered a house member and is liked by other home members. Start your house training a dog by making him free to wander here and there in the house. Do not tie the rope, or […]

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